Chinese Noodles with Crispy “Chilly” Duck & Ice Cream Magic !!

So much news to report!  Do you remember the new market that I wrote about that opened in Durban not too long ago – The Food Market – well, they were nominated for an award at the Eat In SA Produce Awards – to be honest, I am not surprised that THEY WON Best outstanding market in the market category!!!  They have such great produce on offer they must have walked it!  Talking of their producers, my other news is that I was invited by The Fusion Cafe owners, the awesome couple Shaun and Caz, together with the couple from Wild Meats that I buy all my game meat from (remember the Wild Boar Ragu – and the Prune & Venison Pie) to a dinner at The Fusion Cafe – showcasing Wild Meats fabulous products … I am drooling as I write this!  What a spot – and what a meal “Haibo!!!”.  Keep your eyes open for the review coming up soon – with pics and info about them and their cooking school! 



Now I know that Durban hardly experiences winter in the true sense of the word, but, as it’s so blinking hot here ALL YEAR ROUND – we have very thin blood –

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US Durbanites.  We just don’t cope with cold weather at all – if the breeze off the warm sea gets ,0005 of a knot harder – we head for our jersies and boots.  It’s a laugh and a half – the aunties hit Musgrave Centre or Gateway with the latest and up-to-datest winter klobber the very second that the barometer drops! You check them shopping up a storm “perspiring” under the weight of their new winter fashion.  Winter woolies really aren’t often needed!  But, and this is a big B-U-T, the drop in humiture and temperature DOES afford us the eagerly anticipated opportunity to cook and eat winter warming food.  The sale of chillies must sky rocket in “winter”.  This recipe celebrates our “chilly” moment in Durbs.





Crispy Chinese Duck Breast with “chilly” broccoli Noodles


Ingredients for the Crispy Duck Breasts


4 duck breasts

hoisin sauce


Pre-heat the oven to 180degrees


Leave your duck breasts out for the day (or a few hours if possible) to dry the skins out

this ensures nice crispy skins when you fry them

score the skin of the duck in a criss-cross patern using a sharp knife

Brush the breasts on both sides with hoisin sauce


Heat a griddle pan until it is smoking hot and place

 the duck breasts in the  griddle pan – skin side down and fry until

the skin has crisped up, turning them to get both sides cooked

nicely – the meat side should not be crispy – when the skin

is crisp enough transfer the breasts to an oven proof dish and

put in the oven for about 20 minutes.


Remove them and cover loosely with some tin foil

and leave the meat to rest while you get on with the rest of the dinner.



The juices will come out of the duck into the ovenproof pan –

keep them to add to your  noodles as they are full of wonderful flavour.



The Noodles


1 Packet of Pad Thai noodles (Woolies sells them)


Place the noodles in a large bowl and cover

with boiling water.  Leave for approx 20 minutes to soften and

then drain them in a colander.

Place them back into the bowl and sprinkle liberally with some

sesame oil.  Give the noodles a good stir to cover in the oil

and set aside while you make the brocolli.




 Ingredients for the chilly Brocolli



oyster sauce

hoisin sauce

sweet soy sauce

  xiao xhing rice wine (or sherry) 1/2 cup

peanut oil

2 tbls spoons finely chopped ginger

8 cloves finely chopped garlic

2 onions finely chopped

4 – 6 chopped green chillies

sesame oil

3 heads of brocolli cut into florets

2 tbsp of brown sugar

the juice of 1 lime or lemon

1/2 cup of boiling water


Heat a wok until smoking hot – add enough peanut oil to cover the bottom of the wok well.

Stir fry the garlic – ginger and chillies for 2 minutes

add the onion and cook until browned

when browned add the xiao xing rice and 4 tbl spoons of hoisin sauce and 4 tbl of oyster sauce

and the 2 tbl spoons of brown sugar

give this a good stir fry for about 1 minute then add the brocolli and stir fry tossing it

all well together for about 3 minutes – add the water and cover to

steam the brocolli until tender – i use a big pot lid to cover my wok

keep checking the brocolli – you cook your brocolli to the

consistency that YOU LIKE …. it’s entirely personal.


I had just a few spears of asparagus that needed cooking – so i tossed them in

with the broccoli.  You could add green beans or mange tout peas if you like.




When the brocolli is ready – toss in the noodles and combine

with the brocolli. 


Check for seasoning – and serve in a bowl with 1 sliced duck

breast on top.


Garnish with coriander.




Buon Appetito




PS:   How is this for some table side magic – The Fusion Cafe’s Vanilla Ice Cream

prepared at your table in the restaurant with the assistance of some liquid nitrogen…..


It was the creamiest vanilla ice cream i have EVER tasted.


Absolutely Fabulous!!!





Keep your eyes open for the upcoming review on this uber

fab restaurant.



















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