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Osso Buco & Risotto Alla Milanese …. Winter Food That Sticks To Your Ribs.

These two dishes are a Romeo & Juliet duo – rich and cosy Osso Buco which simply means a bone with a hole in it – and sunburst yellow Risotto Alla Milanese are traditionally served together.  This is a warming winter dish – The meat is slow roasted in a tomato based sauce thats blessed […]

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Tino the Knife Tripepi & The Bubble-ator Caught on camera with their Paws in the ……..

If you had a chance to read my previous post, you would have heard the story of my thieving little band of robbers!  Tino-the-Knife Tripepi and The Bubble-ator are professional Unusable nice shop particular if came keeping canadian pharmacy 24 hr awesome to though here it filing it nolvadex pct timeless Immediately Soon […]

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Lamb & Spinach Curry from Punjab …. a Saucy Little Number!

This really is a saucy little number.  Lamb swimming in a bath of gravy laced with “unrecognisable” spinach!  A Great way to get Popeye food – brimming with goodness off the Richter scale – into unsuspecting victims.  This is another winter dish that comforts one and is kind to the waste line too.  Palak Gosht […]

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Stracciatella alla Romana ……. A Warm Winter Soup.

Stracciatella alla Romana (pronounced str- cha – tella) has humble origins, like most soups.  This is a winter soup that can be sipped down piping hot with lots of hot, crusty bread dripping with butter.   The secret to a great stracciatella is in the broth, which must be enriched with all the goodness and flavours of […]

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Rabbit in White Wine with Sage Polenta …..

The Scarlet Pimpernel and Black Beauty were two of my best friends when I was 10 years old – my two pet rabbits were my “beste maatjies”, along with my other pets.  I believed that I and only I could communicate with my rabbits and that they loved me soooo much that they would talk to […]

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Biscotti a la Rosa and the Durban Italian Club Easter Lunch!

If you wake up one Sunday morning and really just dont have the cahonies to cook an entire Sunday lunch – or perhaps it’s a birthday or Easter or Mothers day – Fear NOt!!!  The Italian Club in Durban opens its’ doors every Sunday and provides a three course “pucka” Italian meal cooked by the Mamma’s […]

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Tuna Pasta and a Frittata …. Friday Night Dinner and Saturday Lunch in One.

Again, this is a two for the price of one triumph of a pasta recipe.  I know that I keep saying the same thing over and over again – but, this is easy, cheap and you get two fabulous meals for the price and effort of one.  Friday night dinner and Saturday lunch all taken […]

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Involtini di Cavolo …. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

  Involtini di Cavolo   This little babies are a wee bit laborious but the rewards are great.  You can make them with either lamb or beef mince and they are popular in the south of Italy when the lemons are literally dripping in juice.  Nothing can compare with the lemons from Sicily – they […]

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Chicken Roasted in Orange & Preserved Ginger … Pollo Arosto al Arancio

I am very glad to have gotten my food poising incident off my chest yesterday!!  Thanks to you all for your highly appreciated comments.  This chicken is roasted in Freshly squeezed orange juice – with candied ginger and black olives.  It’s sweet and spicy and all things very very nicey!!!   This could make a nice […]

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