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Pasta – Let’s Get Naked with Gnudi !

    This Tuscan dish is another Tripepi family favourite and like ANY pasta dish, this has been lovingly prepared in hundreds of different variations.   Thsee little balls of heaven are basically “naked ravioli”.   Ricotta cheese is blended with any number of ingredients to form little naked ravioli balls.   They are quick to prepare and […]

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Lamb – Roasted Lamb Loin in Red Wine & Onion Marmalade

Luscious Lamb and I have had an on-going love affair for as long as i can remember.   From looooong lovingly roasted legs and shanks – to crispy little riblets on the braai – to my all time faves – rack and rolled loin of lamb.  My girlfriend Carol is lovingly fattening up some darling little […]

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Ragu – Two Meals in One Pot – Ragu Pasta Sauce & Pot Roast Silverside in Ragu

In this day and age when we are generally rushed off our feet,  this dish cracks a ten out of ten.  Ragu – basically is a meat sauce for pasta.  A bolognaise is a ragu – any sauce that contains meat falls under the generic term ragu.  This ragu – takes the cake.  You are […]

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Cocktail Time …… The Delicious Duzi …….. A Design Triumph!!!

Today is the first gruelling day of the Hansa Powerade Duzi Canoe Race!!  Carol and I have seconded her son Sebastian many times over the 3 hot and sweaty days of this wonderful race.  We would load up the “kedunta-wa” with everything but the kitchen sink.  Armed with food, tents, medical supplies, resin & fibreglass, […]

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Vitello Tonnato …. Veal in a Tuna & Caper Mayonnaise.

This truly is a cracker of a recipe.  What it lacks in general visual appeal it kicks A### in the taste department.  This is the perfect dish to serve al fresco or for a fabulous lunch.   How often do we wrack our brains for something that included meat but is served chilled on these hot […]

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Antipasto Platter …. Let the Italian Feast Begin.

Any special meal in the Tripepi household and indeed in any Italian home will always begin with antipasto.  This collection of cured meats, pepperoni, olives, pickled vegetables, roasted tomatoes and artichoke hearts in all its vibrancy heralds the begin of the feast!.  One would also traditionally put either mozarella or provolone cheese on the platter.  […]

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Mango & Prawn Summer Salad with Red Pepper Dressing

This year is already challenging the living be-jivers out of me.  I am not one to fall about fainting – my head goes down and my natural instinct is to fight back with every ounce of my fibre.  It all started on New Years Day,  there I was swanning around the pool at the Wild […]

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Summer Berry Blitz

I am FINALLY up to date at work and am rolicking through my “loose ends” from last year.  I have cleaned and filed and thrown out a mountain of unwanted and unused garbage clogging the arteries of my home.  Mondi paper waste will be able to produce toilet paper for the entire nation with my paper […]

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Taglietelle al Salmone … Riccardo’s Fresh Taglietelle with Norwegan Salmon and Marscarpone

You can ask anyone who has visited the Casa Tripepi – Tricky Ricky’s white pasta is legendary.  Italian babies get started on pasta early in life.  I know that it probably contravenes the Childcare Act, but any Italian mother will tell you just how WELL the little bambini sleep (HOOOORAY) after a good plate of […]

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Lamb Rogan Josh Curry Feedback

I have only made ONE New Years resolution – and that is to put my mobile phone into the mobile phone pouch in whatever handbag that I am using – as I am sure that I spent at least 6 months of last year SEARCHING for my mobile in my handbag !!!!  I have also had […]

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